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zac nuttall

Yahoo Sports Article – Part 4 – The Life of a Student Athlete trying to play college basketball

Part 4 of the story came out yesterday.  What a ride it’s been.  Jeff Eisenberg asked if he could follow up with us the end of August and maybe Spring time … of course.  I think it’s SO important for kids to understand what the process looks like.  It’s a lot of work for these kids to play sports in college :D .  For those that get there … they definitely earned it. Below is the first part of the article … continue reading by following the link at the bottom.

Make-or-break month: Division I hopeful Zac Nuttall finishes July on a high note

By Jeff Eisenberg | The Dagger – August 1, 2012

To provide a window into the pressure facing borderline recruits trying to earn their first Division I scholarship offers, Yahoo! Sports will track guard Zac Nuttall during the July evaluation period. This is the fourth installment in the series.

Unlike most people when they return home from a long weekend in Las Vegas, Zac Nuttall left with no regrets.

In his final event of the July evaluation period this past weekend, Nuttall helped lead BTI Select all the way to semifinals of the prestigious Fab 48 tournament by playing aggressive defense on one end and making smart decisions whether to shoot or pass at the other. It was an ideal way for 6-foot-1 point guard to prove to the college coaches who watched him in Las Vegas how much he has improved the last few months.

“I think I played really well,” Nuttall said. “I was really consistent. I tried to direct traffic, run our offense and make the extra pass to set up my teammates. I think I led the team really well.”

A strong finish to the July evaluation period leaves Nuttall confident he’ll have the chance to play college basketball and optimistic he may yet receive scholarship offers from some lower-level Division I programs. Since most Division I coaches use July to pair down their list of top Class of 2013 targets, Nuttall treated the last three weeks like they were his last chance to prove he could compete at college basketball’s highest level.

The next phase of the recruiting process for Nuttall and his family is to wait for feedback to arrive from the coaches who have watched him the past few weeks. Once they’re able to gauge which schools merely gave him a cursory look and which ones appear genuinely interested, they’ll decide which elite camps to attend in August and where to set up visits for later in the summer or fall.

“We’ll kind of see where we stand at that point,” mother Kristy Nuttall said. “I know coaches are talking to (BTI Select coach Craig Stover) about Zac and I know Coach Stover did get some texts asking where Zac is playing and how he was doing and that kind of thing. We’ve tried really hard to not have those conversations with Zac to not put more pressure on him, but I think it will be interesting in the next couple weeks to see who’s there and who’s not.”

Continue Reading

Part 3 of the YahooSports Article – Make or Break July Period for NCAA Basketball

We were gone last week in Las Vegas to wrap up the July viewing period, but I wanted to be sure to share part 3 of the story on my son, Zac.  Part four should be coming out later today or tomorrow, so I’ll share that one soon too.  It’s been a very interesting and eye-opening experience this year.  I’m so proud of Zac and all the hard work he is putting in.  For any of you who have kids that are athletes, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  They give up a lot to be dedicated to their sport.

Make-or-break month: Rigorous schedule doesn’t give Zac Nuttall time to stress
By Jeff Eisenberg | The Dagger – Wed, Jul 25, 2012 9:00 AM EDT

To provide a window into the pressure facing borderline recruits trying to earn their first Division I scholarship offers, Yahoo! Sports will track guard Zac Nuttall during the July evaluation period. This is the third installment in the series.

Unlike most of his peers who rush to the DMV to take their driving test soon after they turn 16, Zac Nuttall is in no hurry to get his license.

The 17-year-old has spent so much time this summer playing basketball, working out with trainers or getting up shots at the gym that car rides with his parents to practices or games are the only time he has to rest. Nuttall napped much of the time the family spent in the car last week driving 120 miles a day to and from the Best of the Summer Tournament in Anaheim.

“A lot of his buddies will say, ‘I can’t believe you don’t have your driver’s license yet,’” mother Kristy Nuttall said. “He’ll tell them, ‘I don’t have a problem being driven around.’”

The extra rest Nuttall got courtesy of his parents could only have aided his attempts to convince college coaches in attendance in Anaheim he’s worthy of a spot on their rosters. The point guard played five games in three nights, helping lead BTI Select to three wins in its first four games before its tournament ended Friday night with a one-point overtime loss in the quarterfinals.

To read more about Zac’s journey to play college basketball, go to YahooSports

Part 2 in the Yahoo Sport Article on my son

Check out the next installment of the Make or Break Article on my son.

He has a totally crazy schedule this July and has been working really hard.  It’s fun to see the hard work paying off for him.  He did great in Boston and is receiving quite a bit of attention from that :D .

Check it out:

Make-or-break month: Zac Nuttall’s first week on the road features bad food, good memories
By Jeff Eisenberg | The Dagger

To provide a window into the pressure facing borderline recruits trying to earn their first Division I scholarship offers, Yahoo! Sports will track guard Zac Nuttall during the July evaluation period. This is the second installment in the series.

Zac Nuttall’s three-week mission to prove he’s good enough to play Division I basketball didn’t begin under ideal conditions.

The flight Nuttall’s AAU team took from Los Angeles on Thursday evening didn’t arrive in Boston until almost 2 a.m. A combination of fluttery nerves and the three-hour time difference kept him up another two hours even though he had to be awake by 7 a.m. And breakfast Friday morning? Well, it’s safe to say nobody will mistake the dorm food at Brandeis University for four-star restaurant fare.

“I really couldn’t describe how bad the food was,” Nuttall said. “You couldn’t cut the french toast with a knife. It was so hard you had to use your hands to break it.”

In spite of his empty stomach and sleep-weary legs, Nuttall actually performed rather well at Hoop Mountain All-Academic camp in Waltham, Mass., his first major event of the July evaluation period. The rising senior averaged double-digit assists at the three-day camp and came four rebounds shy of a triple-double in his team’s last game on Sunday, helping lead BTI Select to four wins in six games.

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Life of a Student Athlete – Zac’s story on Yahoo Sports!

Wow … this is pretty awesome. I know I’ve shared with you guys about our son Zac’s quest to play college basketball, but things are in major full swing right now.  I’m SO excited for Zac.   Check it out … Yahoo Sports did a story on him today and it made the main page of the Basketball section :D .  Kick ASS!  Check out the story of my student athlete by following the link below.

@JeffEisenberg from Yahoo Sports was looking to do a story on a true under-the-radar athlete that was going for a run at playing Division 1 basketball.  He wanted someone who was a hard worker, that would open up to talk to him during the month of July.  This has Zac’s name all over it!  Jeff will be doing follow up pieces each week on Zac’s progress.  VERY COOL!!

You can read Jeff’s introductory story by going to Yahoo Sports.  It will be hitting their main college page later this morning.

Here’s just a lil teaser -

BELLFLOWER, Calif. — Zac Nuttall admits he hasn’t spent as much time with his girlfriend this summer as he’d like.

Anytime she asks him to ride roller coasters at Six Flags or sunbathe at the beach, the 17-year-old senior-to-be usually has to decline in favor of lifting weights, sweating through speed and agility drills or hoisting up hundreds of shots at the gym.

Nuttall, a guard at West Ranch High in Valencia, Calif., doesn’t have the free time most of his classmates do this summer because he’s preparing for maybe the most crucial stretch of his basketball career. At events in Long Beach, Boston, Anaheim and Las Vegas the next three weeks, he’ll showcase his game in front of college coaches from across the nation in hopes of impressing them enough to earn his first Division I scholarship offers.

“July is what I work for,” Nuttall said. “It would be disappointing not to go Division I because that has been my goal since freshman year. Sometimes I’ll put too much pressure on myself, but I’ve talked to my parents and they remind me all I can do is go out there and give it my all. I’m under-the-radar. I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Believe me … you’ll want to read the rest. Go check it out at the link above!