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When I was your age, I had to walk 20 miles in the snow …


I don’t know about you … but I believe that the kids today get more opportunities than you could shake a stick at.  Seriously!

Last Saturday Zac started a SAT prep program that is part of the College Prep Basketball Program that he’s been going to.  Saturday we were there from 9 – 2 pm and basically they have all the players take the SAT test to see where they are at.  Tonight and Thursday night we go back for the workshops where they take each section of the SAT and work with the players so that they learn how to do it better – tricks, tips, guidance, etc. We do this for three weeks to get everything in.  Zac just started High School so this is SUPER early for him, but our thoughts on it are that it’s great practice and helps him to understand that the SAT isn’t something to FREAK out about if you are already familiar with it.

So on Saturday, Ron and I were talking about all the things that Zac has done that we never had the opportunity to do at his ripe age of 14 yrs old.  As I mentioned above … we were there from 9 am – 2 pm – haha.

  1. Go to Washington DC and visit all the historic sites – not to mention get a private tour of the White House Oval Office and Quantico FBI base – Zac was 10 yrs old — I was 16 yrs old and Ron was in his early 30′s
  2. Go to New York and see a play on Broadway – Zac was again 10 yrs old –  I didn’t go until I was 38 yrs old – Ron was in his late 30′s
  3. Go to Cabo San Lucas, MX – Zac was 9 yrs old — yeah Ron and I never went there until our wedding 5 1/2 years ago
  4. Flown in a King Air as the co-pilot – Zac started flying in that plane when he was about 2 yrs old and moved to the front seat when he was about 6 or 7 yrs old.  I flew in it in 1994 after the Northridge Quake but didn’t sit in the co-pilot seat – Ron hasn’t got much closer than taking our elopement photo in the doorway.
  5. Won his first golf tournament – Zac won his at 8 yrs old — I just won mine a few weeks ago … and Ron has yet to win one (Ron, “cheaters”)
  6. Got a hole in one – Zac has had three — Ron and I … none
  7. Gone to a NBA game and sat in the Suites – Zac 9 years old — me … 41 years … Ron 36 yrs old
  8. Played any sport at a level that was feeding into NCAA level – Zac this year — Yeah … not me … or Ron
  9. Drive a boat .. with his feet – Zac was 8 yrs old — I don’t think my Dad let me drive until I was 13 yrs old … Ron says … he never did.
  10. Eat Sushi – Zac was about 7 years old when he started trying things — I was 32 yrs old and Ron was in his late 20′s.
  11. Went white water rafting – Zac was 10 yrs old … I was 37 and Ron was 14 or 15 years old
  12. Started talking about a plan for college – Zac was 12 yrs old when he decided what his college plan would look like — me – what college plan? Art school didn’t pan out for me.  Ron … 18 years old
  13. SAT Prep – Zac at 14 is doing it (as a freshman) … me and Ron – neither of us ever did an SAT prep or even took the test.

So that’s a quick list that we came up with but I’m sure if we really thought about it, there would be a bunch more to add. It got me thinking though.

Sometimes it’s easy for people to say that the ways of the world are turning our kids into disrespectful creatures because things are not as simple as they used to be.  How many times do you hear someone say, “when I was a kid we didn’t have X and because we didn’t have that we got in less trouble”?  I disagree – I think it’s great that there are SO many opportunities that our kids can be exposed to these days that can help them determine where they want to go in the future.  So many experiences that show them that there is a huge world out there waiting for them and encourage them to reach for the stars. It is our job as parents to give them experiences and help them manage the way they effect their life going forward.

I’d love to hear what opportunities your kid(s) have been exposed much earlier than you did.

Once Upon a Time I Thought I Was So DAMN Smart

Advice I BLEW OFF AS A KID or that I never really took all that seriously – I have been thinking lately being “40 ish”of the things that I was told & advice that I was given when I was still in school. This is shocking I know but at the time I could not understand for the life of me how truly profound these “words” really were or that they could be relevant to me. Because I of course thought I already knew it all. ;) I would think to myself what do my parents know?? There is not a chance in hell that they had the “ right life” experiences to give me sound advice. After all they were never young & carefree of course could never understand.

After all YOUTH really does = INVINCIBLE & ALL KNOWING. Ya Right – I thought I was so smart.

So here is a small sampling of that advice or words of wisdom that of course because I was so “freakin” smart quickly dismissed…(oops)

  • Wear Sunscreen – What do you mean BABY OIL in direct sun is not good for my skin and the big scar on my back reminds me of this daily
  • Failure is not an option… (Sometimes that thinking scares you into NOT taking chances)
  • Finish everything on your plate – Ok that one I could have done without.
  • Save your money (or at least some of it)
  • Be good to your Body it is the only one you have
  • Time passes quickly and you never get it back – That is a big one as I wake up everyday in utter amazement at how fast it really does go.
  • Make the most of today because you never know what tomorrow will bring
  • Do not take things for granted
  • You have one shot at “this life” don’t F*ck it up.
  • Focus on subjects in school even when you don’t want too
  • Learn a 2nd language – (Mas Cerveza por favor does not cut it)
  • Find a creative outlet (I failed finger painting as a child & quickly became discouraged)
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Read more (books today for me double as a Tylenol PM)
  • **Fathers Knows Best – (ok this one is true, even today)
  • Find happiness in yourself first and the rest will follow (FINALLY got that one!)
  • Travel – take off the summer after college and explore parts of the world (big regret)

** My list could go on and on. As I look back to the years of my youth there are a number of things that I wish I would have done different or lessons I would have learned before say 40 BUT that is ok because I have set the stage for an encore and this time I know I will nail it.


Just curious were you as DAMN smart at I was in my early years?? What was some advice you were given and BLEW OFF??

Jumping a Level

Yesterday, Zac had his weekly golf class.  When we started him in their program, the golf pro talked to Ron and I about Zac’s skill level.  We explained that he’s been playing full golf since he was 6 years old.  He’s pretty good and usually beats me.  So Brad suggested we start him off in intermediate classes to just allow them to get a feel for his skill.

Zac’s the best kid in these classes (not to mention the oldest – haha).  In fact, during the golf camp that we sent him too, he was the only one taking it seriously (not to mention the only one NOT catching ladybugs during their lesson).

So yesterday at golf class I decided to sit in the sun and read my book while he had his lesson.  I overheard one of the instructors saying to the kids that he was going to evaluate the kids and see if they were qualified to move up.  All the kids were a buzz.  They wanted to impress him so bad.  Zac just did his thing and kept on swinging at the driving range.  Then they moved on to putting.  Zac was patient with all the little kids and played a putting game with them.

After the lesson Harry asks all the kids to circle up.  He has slips of paper that he will give to everyone telling them what level they will be in next.   There is this one little boy that had his hat on crooked that had been attached to Zac’s hip all day and he was standing right next to him.

Harry starts it off by saying, “now this person is going to jump from level 3 to level 5, he’s a great golfer and he’s been doing exactly what we ask of him.  The golfer I’m talking about is … Zachary”.

Without missing a beat, Zac’s shadow looks at him and says, “whoa – you aren’t even doing level four”.  You could SO see the admiration in his eyes.  I saw a little grin come to Zac’s face.  One of the other moms was standing by me and we both couldn’t help but chuckle.  It was SO damn cute.

If only life could be that pure and simple all the time.   It was a great moment.