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jodycakesRT @UnderbellyHOU: It's a whole, beautiful new day. For you to eat lunch in! See you here for a Goat Dumpling/Fireman's #4 combo benefiting HFD?
32 months ago
culturalbaggage@jodycakes Lots of people have listened to Led Zeppelin IV while baking.
32 months ago
jodycakesToday's baking soundtrack - Led Zeppelin IV - it's time to rock and roll this week...
32 months ago
jodycakesRT @FelipeRiccio: Restaurants, groups look to honor city’s firefighters http://t.co/W5ie052wzF
32 months ago
CathyWMDADear Mouse in my kitchen.. This kitchen is not big enough for the 2 of us and well I am not going anywhere.. #getoutwhileucan
32 months ago
CathyWMDAThis just keeps getting better...argh BREAKING: IRS Caught on Tape Telling Nonprofit: "Keep Your Faith to Yourself" http://t.co/jL7bfTqZNs”
32 months ago
CathyWMDAAfter 4 glorious days of #winetasting in the #WillametteValley a #detox is definitely in order ;)
32 months ago

falling in front of people

100 Day Challenge: Do you believe in signs?

16 Days Left.  Monday, I saw the doctor for antibiotics for the infected spider bite (which is starting to look less scary–thank all of you for your good wishes).  Yesterday in the middle of a presentation to 100 medical students at Western University, I missed a step, fell and sprained both of my feet!  Just call me “Grace!”  I managed to recover,  gracefully finish the presentation and get to my car.  I thought I had a mild strain in each foot. But as the adrenaline wore off I realized perhaps strain is too mild of a word.

I iced each foot all night long–until my toes felt like Popsicle’s!  However today, I can barely stand on them and any flexing of the foot causes pain.  I’ve had worse sprains before but I’ve never sprained both feet/ankles at once!  Right now I’m doing the Tim Conway little old man shuffle to get from on room to another.  On the bright side, I might be able to eliminate in between meal snacks as contemplating the pain a trip to the refrigerator will entail might just keep me on the couch!

Maybe God wants me to slow down and be still.  After all, I keep getting these leg injuries that need to be elevated.  Seems like a good plan.   I don’t want to know what He will send as a message next time if I don’t pay attention!  And if it isn’t a message from God, it is a good excuse to curl up in bed with a good book!

So here is the 100 Day Challenge question:  Do you believe that accidents and other events in your life happen for a reason?  Do believe in signs?  What signs have you noticed in your life recently?

Congratulations to Diana for winning this week’s $10 amazon gift card!  Remember to comment on the 100 day challenge posts and you are entered to win in our Friday drawings.