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jodycakesRT @UnderbellyHOU: It's a whole, beautiful new day. For you to eat lunch in! See you here for a Goat Dumpling/Fireman's #4 combo benefiting HFD?
22 months ago
culturalbaggage@jodycakes Lots of people have listened to Led Zeppelin IV while baking.
22 months ago
jodycakesToday's baking soundtrack - Led Zeppelin IV - it's time to rock and roll this week...
22 months ago
jodycakesRT @FelipeRiccio: Restaurants, groups look to honor city’s firefighters http://t.co/W5ie052wzF
22 months ago
CathyWMDADear Mouse in my kitchen.. This kitchen is not big enough for the 2 of us and well I am not going anywhere.. #getoutwhileucan
22 months ago
CathyWMDAThis just keeps getting better...argh BREAKING: IRS Caught on Tape Telling Nonprofit: "Keep Your Faith to Yourself" http://t.co/jL7bfTqZNs”
22 months ago
CathyWMDAAfter 4 glorious days of #winetasting in the #WillametteValley a #detox is definitely in order ;)
22 months ago

How you know Linda is REALLY sick

When the Hub asks if I want him to bring the laptop into the bedroom where I’ve been knocking on death’s door for a few days, and I say no.  Twice.  Knowing what an addict I am and yet I was still willing to pass up the opportunity to peruse the internet uninterrupted for as long as I wanted – that, my friends, is SICK.  Ugh.Slightly better now :-)

3 Responses to How you know Linda is REALLY sick

  • jodycakesNo Gravatar says:

    So, so glad you’re feeling better…drink lots of ginger lemon tea…good for the soul!!!

  • Carol WoodliffNo Gravatar says:

    As one of the people who have had one of the awful flus going around. I feel your pain! It took me 5 days to get back into my normal routine. Make sure you get your rest. I know that is probably hard being a mom of a 3 year old! But do your best to take care of you while taking care of all the other things you have to do!


  • lindaloohooNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks guys – I’m definitely on the mend. Not quite ready for tequila yet, but I think it will be even longer before I can eat a taco again, ughhhh!

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