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jodycakesRT @UnderbellyHOU: It's a whole, beautiful new day. For you to eat lunch in! See you here for a Goat Dumpling/Fireman's #4 combo benefiting HFD?
32 months ago
culturalbaggage@jodycakes Lots of people have listened to Led Zeppelin IV while baking.
32 months ago
jodycakesToday's baking soundtrack - Led Zeppelin IV - it's time to rock and roll this week...
32 months ago
jodycakesRT @FelipeRiccio: Restaurants, groups look to honor city’s firefighters http://t.co/W5ie052wzF
32 months ago
CathyWMDADear Mouse in my kitchen.. This kitchen is not big enough for the 2 of us and well I am not going anywhere.. #getoutwhileucan
32 months ago
CathyWMDAThis just keeps getting better...argh BREAKING: IRS Caught on Tape Telling Nonprofit: "Keep Your Faith to Yourself" http://t.co/jL7bfTqZNs”
32 months ago
CathyWMDAAfter 4 glorious days of #winetasting in the #WillametteValley a #detox is definitely in order ;)
32 months ago

A Recipe You Have to See – The Dream Omelette

My son Kyle showed me a site today that you have to check out if you’ve not seen it.  I had never heard of The Onion, but will be checking in regularly for a good laugh.  This site does the news and other TV features in a way you have never seen.  It looks pretty real, but as you listen, you realize it is a wonderful parody of real network news and news magazine shows.  Here is a cooking segment on the Dream Omelette – the recipe “came to the featured chef in a dream”.  I hope you get as much of a kick out of it as I did. 

Chef Cooks ‘Dream Omelet’ From Recipe That Came To Him In A Dream


P.S. Also check out the segments on the “Californians Gather to Celebrate the Annual Wildfire Tradition” and “Cosmopolitan Institute Completes Decades-Long Study on How to Please Your Man”. 

2 Responses to A Recipe You Have to See – The Dream Omelette

  • Carol WoodliffNo Gravatar says:

    Too funny! My dreams are so like that! I love how he wove those elements together–Robin Williams, the high school teacher, wearing a scarf like your friends. Aren’t our minds interesting? And actually an omelette with bacon, tomato and a little lemon juice might actually be tasty. Don’t know about putting the lemon rind in though! I used to read the Onion years ago. I didn’t know they had branched into doing video. Fun! Thanks

  • jodycakesNo Gravatar says:

    I have been reading the Onion for 25 years now…at least. LOVE IT…didn’t know it was on video nowadays

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